We welcome you to a great future in the fast expanding field of Information Technology (I.T.) As you must already be aware, the Prime Minister of India has identified I.T. as the key growth area for our country and has set up an I.T. Task Force to lead the country in this great endeavor. It is expected that India will have more than 2 lac new job openings in the I.T. industry every year. Our country is presently very deficient in I.T. man power. This is the great chance of your life to establish yourself in this industry.


Prof. Vinod Vishen

This is the oldest college of Computer Sc. in J&K. As a student of this college you can expect the very best facilities in terms of Laboratories and Library. The faculty is very responsive and supportive. As a general philosophy of teaching the college encourages young students to express themselves in an atmosphere of freedom and openness. As Principal I will always be available to you and your parents for any support that you may need. The college is proud to have produced students who are very successful in their life today. Many of them are Professors, Business Executives, Scientists and Software Specialists in the IT academia and Industry in India and abroad. If you work with dedication and cooperation with the faculty you can expect to become equally successful in your life. The BCA course has proven to be a life changing course for genuine serious students. You will also be given exposure to the real world of Information Technology industry through Lectures and Seminars by Industry Specialists visiting our college.



Caset College Of Computer Science & Engineering

CASET was started in the year 1974 by Prof. C. L. Vishen as a lab school for his research work in the area of education and school management. The school soon achieved fame as a premier school among the people of the valley. Since then CASET has grown in many directions opening a number of educational facilities for the students of the valley. CASET has under its wing two high schools and one middle school, providing education to more than 2500 students. There are two post graduate colleges namely the Nund Reshi College of education providing B. Ed. programme under affiliation with Kashmir university and CASET post graduate evening college providing privately regular teaching facilities for the M. A. and M. Sc. programmes of Kashmir University in the field of mathematics, commerce, sociology etc.