About Us

Purpose Of Setting Up Of The Institute

CASET was started in the year 1974 by Prof. C. L. Vishen as a lab school for his research work in the area of education and school management. The school soon achieved fame as a premier school among the people of the valley. Since then CASET has grown in many directions opening a number of educational facilities for the students of the valley. CASET has under its wing two high schools and one middle school, providing education to more than 2500 students. There are two post graduate colleges namely the Nund Reshi College of education providing B. Ed. programme under affiliation with Kashmir university and CASET post graduate evening college providing privately regular teaching facilities for the M. A. and M. Sc. programmes of Kashmir University in the field of mathematics, commerce, sociology etc. CASET has been at the fore front of bringing educational opportunities to the students of the valley.

CASET College of Computer Science & Engineering

The College was added in the year 1986 to offer a diploma in computer science to the students of the valley. Till 1990 the College had produced more than 300 diploma holders who are now working in various capacities all over India and also many of them are working abroad. The College was completely gutted in afire in 1990. After reconstruction the College was reopened in July 1997. Once again the College is breaking new grounds in quality computer education in the valley. CASET College of Computer Sciences is affiliated with DOEACC (An Autonomous Body of Ministry of Information Technology, Govt. of India) for 'O' , 'A' & 'B' Level. .

Level Full/Prov.No. ACCR. No. Date Of Accreditation
O Level Full - O0301 O0963 28/01/2002
A Level Prov-A0244 A0272 04/11/2000
B Level(equivalent to MCA) Prov-B0092 B0101 11/07/2003

The College is also affiliated with Kashmir University for BCA (Bachelor in Computer Applications) & PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Applications).

Course Notification No.
PGDCA F(Affi-PGDCA)Acad/KU/293

Vision and anticipated role in development of Indian IT industry

To promote quality IT education in the non-formal sector and move up the knowledge chain in line with changing needs of industry and technological trends and thereby meet the manpower requirement of the country.

Mission of the institute as quality IT education provider

a) To provide IT education and training at appropriate levels and utilize the resources of the institute to fill the demand supply gap between the manpower requirements of the country and the output of the formal sector. b) To facilitate development of a model system of competency certification of IT education and training in the non-formal sector. c) To upgrade the knowledge and skills of the faculty of the institute and implement “Training the Trainers” programme on a continual basis to conduct DOEACC accredited courses.


Organizational & Infrastructural Facilities

Organizational Structure

CASET Educational Society is a Society registered under societies Act and is headed by the President Ms R.D.Vishen. The College is headed by Mr. Vinod Vishen.

Previous Results

So far 26 students from CASET have achieved Super Grade (100%) in National Exams Conducted by DOEACC.

Infrastructure facilities available at CASET

Existing Infrastructure

S.NO Particulars No. of Items
1 Class Rooms 9
2 Computer Labs 4
3 Library 1
4 Principals Office 1
5 Staff Room 2
6 Counsellor's Office 1
7 Toilets 7
8 Generator Rooms 2

Space Available for Further Development

S.NO Particulars No. of Items
1 Lab of 30 Computers 1
2 Class Room of 60 Students 2

Hardware Availabity

S.NO Particulars No. of Items
1 Total No. of Computers 60
2 Scanners 1
3 Printers 3
4 Digital Camera 1
5 Web Camera 1
6 TV Based Projector System 1
7 Manual Projector 1
8 Modem 1
9 Photo Copier 1
10 CD Writer 2
11 UPS 1
12 CVT(2KVA) 9
13 CVT(5KVA) 1
14 35KVA Diesel Genset 1
15 10KVA Diesel Genset 1
16 2KVA Petrol Genset 3

Library Facilities

The library is well equipped with text and reference books. In additional library subscribes to all major magazines.