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External Datesheet of 3rd semester Batch 2019
list of students selected in BCA in Caset college who had not yet completed their admission formalities
Study material of java2nd semester
study material for 2nd semester Evs
study material for 2nd semester EVS unit 1
Datesheet for 5th 6th sem
Datesheet for 5th 6th sem
Date Sheet for External Project evaluation and viva of 6th Semester.Dated:23-07-2019
Date Sheet for External Exam of 4th Semester.Dated:12-06-2019
Date Sheet for External Exam of 2nd Semester.Dated:01-06-2019
Form Numbers for BCA Ist Semester (Batch 2019)
University Registration No.'s for BCA (Batch-2018)
Notice regarding Admission (Batch-2019).Dated: 14-04-2019
Revised External Exam Date sheet for 1st ,3rd and 4th semester
Notice regarding change in fee structure for BCA from 22,000 to 30,000 as per Govt. orders.Dated 10-12-2018.
Date sheet for Practical Examination of 3rd , 4th & 1st semester (pending papers) . dated 7/12/2018
External Examination Date sheet of 1st , 3rd and 4th semester
Detailed admission notification by KU for under graduate 5th & 6th sem of batch 2016
Farewell invitation for Batch 2015
Notice Regarding Picnic 2018 . Dated : 26/09/2018
Notice Regarding deposition of fee for 2nd semester . Dated :26/9/2018
Date Sheet for 3rd Semester Internal Assessment Dated: 13-09-2018
List of form numbers
Date Sheet for 4th Semester Unit 1st Examination Dated: 02-08-2018
External Date sheet for 2nd semester
5th+6th semester external examination
Date Sheet for 3rd semester internal Assessment