All Notifications

Notice Regarding External Examination of 5th+6th semester. Dated : 11-6-2018
Notice regarding postponement of 2nd semester external examination for JAVA . Dated : 7/6/2018
Notice Regarding Commencement of Class Work For Ist Semester Batch 2018 Dated : 07-06-2018
Notice regarding cancellation of external examination paper on 5th june . Dated :4-6-18
Notice regarding external examination of 2nd semester . Dated: 31-05-2018
Notice Regarding external examination of 5th 6th semester . Dated : 31-05-2018
Notice Regarding Commencement of Class work for 4th semester. Dated: 28-04-2018
Notice regarding suspension of classwork for 6th sem. Dated: 14-05-2018
Notification regarding project presentation 6th Semester Dated : 26-04-18
Notification regarding postponement of examination scheduled on 1st May 2018
Notice Regarding submission of project synopsis 6th semester . Dated 27-03-2018
Notice Regarding conduction of External Examination 3rd Semester Dated: 22-03-2018
Notice Regarding Revised Timing Dated: 17-03-2018
Notice regarding Internal examination of 3rd semester Dated: 14-03-2018
Notice Regarding Commencement of Class Work (New) Dated : 21-02-2018
Notice regarding postponement of classes
Notice regarding winter assignment for Fifth semester
Notice regarding winter assignment for Second semester
Notice Regarding Winter Break
Notice regarding External examination of BCA 2nd semester
BCA 5th semester Admission notification (session 2017- 2018) Dated : 12-Dec-2017.